As part of your application, our Mil-Std-1553 software products offer freedom from complexity and independence from hardware vendors.  Because they never need changing, each represents a one-time investment for any number of applications, making them highly attractive alternatives to in-house development.

We license these products in two ways: by Site, and by Corporation.  A Site License allows use of the product an unlimited number of times within projects developed at that specific location.  A Corporate License allows use of the product an unlimited number of times anywhere within the corporation.

Both options make a great deal of sense when compared to the cost of developing these capabilities in-house, especially since they can be reused without change an unlimited number of times.

Mil-Std-1553 Messaging Facility for Ada

This set of hardware- and application-independent interfaces allows Ada programmers to send and receive 1553 messages without having to know how to "pack" and "unpack" their application variables into 1553 message formats.  Thus applications experts can focus on getting their job done.  Because it is uses an object-oriented design, no changes to the facility whatsoever are required when new devices -- and hence, new message formats -- are added.  You never have to edit or retest this software, even for new applicationsInstead, new message formats are defined by system engineers as extensions to an abstract base type, so this software knows how to manipulate new messages as well as those it defines.

Key Benefits

bulletHardware independent
bulletNever needs changing, even for new devices and their message formats
bulletNew devices are defined by extension via OOP
bulletCan test and use fully on the development machine


Description Price
Site License $2,000
Corporate License $9,500